NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)
NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)NLighten Skin Care Set #3 (Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap)

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NLighten Skin Care Set #3 comes with Facial Cleanser, Cloud Cream, O2 Bubble Cleanser, Kojic Papaya Soap and Premium Soap.



NLighten Facial Cleanser is a facial care product that helps in achieving a more even and clearer skin tone. Also, it helps in stimulating skin’s natural processes by balancing skin’s pH level. It helps cleanse the skin and minimize the appearance of pores thus leave you with a finer complexion.

NLighten Facial Cleanser has multi-lightening complex that helps inhibit melanin formation. Hence, it leaves your skin lighter and even. Moreover, it has ingredients that keeps you protected from the sun.

NLighten Facial Cleanser has 3 botanical ingredients that helps lighten the skin and even the tone.

Creeping Saxifrage is a flowering plant that is mainly used as an ornamental. In cosmetics and skin care products, its extracts helps lighten the skin and minimize the pores.

Moutan Peony is also a flowering plant that helps lighten and protect the skin.

Skullcap on the other hand is a purple flowering plant. Its root extracts are made as component on traditional herbal medicines for treatment of acne, eczema and even psoriasis. It is mostly included on skin care products because of its potent antioxidant and skin brightening properties. Aside from that, it also helps reduce the signs of aging.


First, squeeze a small amount of NLighten Facial Cleanser into a piece of cotton. Then, gently apply it on the face and neck upward in circular motion. It’s purifying properties help stimulates skin’s natural processes.

Use morning and night for best results.

Nlighten Cloud Cream

NLighten Cloud Cream has a Cloud like texture that has truly impressing lightening effect.


Nlighten Cloud Cream is a new formulation which helps reduce the over-production of melanin. It helps make your skin lighter while preventing the signs of ageing. It is also specially formulated to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Take note. This is formulated without Paraben, Benzophenone and other harmful substances so it is safe for your skin. Become beautiful without the fear of harming your skin.

NLighten Cloud Cream is formulated with Milk Protein Extract and White Rice Extract. Two ingredients proved to reveal a brighter, smoother and more beautiful skin.


White Milk has Lactoferrin that helps restore and reinforce skin elasticity and softness.

Milk Protein helps smooth the imperfections of the skin. It supports the renewal of damaged and aged skin because of it’s an anti-aging ability. Hence, skin care experts recommend it because of its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps replenish collagen and elastic fibers to promote younger skin .

Milk Protein Extract has same nutritive effects on the skin regardless if it’s dry or not. It is also non-irritating making it an excellent option for everyone because of its amino acid content.

Hydrolized milk, one of the most common form of milk protein, has very low toxin hazards and is also a common ingredient in soaps, moisturizers and other bath products.


One of the secret whitening ingredient on Asian skincare is Rice Powder. Hence, Asian women are known to have a smooth, delicate and fair skin.

However, Japanese has already been making it one of the major ingredients on their cosmetics. They found out that the White Rice Extract have antioxidant and protective properties against UVA rays.

Moreover, White Rice contains sun protecting agents – allontoin and ferulic acid. Allontoin, an anti-inflammatory agent that promotes skin repair. Furthermore, Ferulic acid is an antioxidant which if added with vitamins E and C, will double its sun protection ability.

Therefore, NLighten Cloud Cream does not only help you achieve that smooth and lighter skin. It also helps in protecting your skin from damaging sun radiation.


NLIGHTEN O2 BUBBLE CLEANSER has active oxygen formula that helps hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

This amazing cleanser contains various essentials which help relieve the skin from dead skin cells. It also helps remove oil (sebum), impurities and any excess debris.

NLighten Bubble Cleanser bubbles in your skin, helping remove unwanted dirt. Moreover, it leaves your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

This amazing product was formulated, developed and manufactured in Korea. One of the world’s leading country in terms of Cosmetics. Thus you could conclude that this product has high quality and class.

NLighten O2 Bubble is formulated with natural ingredients and has no known side effects.

So if you feel bad for your dry skin, worry no more. NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser cleanses and moisturizes your skin therefore making you look and feel more beautiful.

How to use the NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser:

  1. First, put right amount of Bubble cleanser on your palm or fingers.
  2. Then spread right away on your dry face and leave it for one (1) minute.
  3. Bubbles will form around the applied area.
  4. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.


NLighten O2 Bubble Cleanser is formulated with 12 botanical extracts.

Formulated with Oxygen Therapy Complex. Betula Platyphylla Japonica Bark Extract. Pinus Palustris Leaf Extract. Phaseolus Radiatus Extract. Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract. Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Flower Extract. Pueraria Lobata Root Extract. With Rumex Crispus Root Extract. Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract. Saccharum Officinarium (Sugar Cane) Extract and Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange). Fruit Extract. Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract. Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract.

Moreover, it has no Paraben. Phenoxy Ethanol. Benzophenone. Talc. Petrolatum. Mineral Oil. Synthetic Pigment and Ethanol. Thus, it is safe for your skin.




NLIGHTEN Kojic Papaya with Glutathione Soap is Nature’s Lightening and Nourishing Beauty Bar Soap.

It is delicately formulated to make your beauty regimen effortless through combining the powerful essences of Glutathione, Kojic Acid, and Papaya Extract.

This triple strength lightening complex is known to help even out blemishes. It helps remove impurities such as dark spots, freckles and pimple marks. Also, it helps lighten and refine skin complexion.


Kojic is a by-product of fermenting malted rice. Malted rice is used for the manufacturing of Japanese red wine or Sake. It appears to possess protective effects from radiation.

Kojic acid is found to increase the 30-day survival rate of mice after exposure to a lethal dose of gamma radiation. It had significant radio-protective effects on the immune system and DNA of mice exposed to a dose of radiation.


Papaya is very rich in beta-carotene and is filled with enzymes that are good for the skin. These enzymes slow the formation of wrinkles by fighting free-radicals.

Papain. The beauty nutrient in papaya has skin-lightening properties. Also, it helps in the reduction of blemishes and acne scars. Thus, applying papaya to the skin will soften and leave it smooth.


Free radicals and other reactive oxygen cause cellular damages. Glutathione is an essential antioxidant to our body because it prevents damage to important cellular components. In cosmetics, Glutathione plays important role in preventing oxidative damage to the skin. It is also has been associated with skin lightening ability.

With these ingeniously combined ingredients, you can guarantee a whiter, smoother and more supple skin you ever had before. Nlighten Kojic Papaya with Glutathione Soap, it’s Nature’s gift to beauty.

There’s no better soap that can reveal your flawless beauty than NLighten Kojic Papaya.

Note: Kojic Papaya with Glutathione soap is for all skin type.


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